MAJ Dale E. Wilson, Ph.D.

MAJ Dale E. Wilson, Ph.D.

Dates of Service: Dec 1969 - Sep 1991
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  • PFC Aug 70
  • SPC Jan 71
  • SGT May 71
  • SSG Jul 73
  • 2LT Feb 79
  • 1LT Feb 81
  • CPT May 83
  • MAJ Oct 90
Commissioning Source:  OCS, Feb 1979

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I was born and raised in Pasadena, CA, and spent my high school years in Reno, NV, before enlisting in the army in 1969. I served for more than 9 years before going to OCS and being commissioned in Armor Branch. The capstone of my career was being selected to teach at West Point after attending fully funded grad school. I was able to not just get the required MA, but complete my Ph.D., too!

Military Experiences

May 1988 - Jul 1991
Instructor/Asst. Prof.
1 Endorsement
Taught the required two-semester course History of the Military Art. Served as course director of HI351, honors History of the Military Art (from antiquity to WWI). Served as a faculty adviser to history majors and as an asst. coach on the Army crew team. Served as deputy director and director of the annual USMA-ROTC Military History Fellowship (1989-1990), a four-week postdoctoral fellowship for college professors tasked with teaching their school's ROTC military history course. The focus was to prepare profs to teach operational military history as opposed to war and society. Received the 1991 Academic Excellence Award (based on student, peer and supervisor evaluations).
Aug 1986 - May 1988
Graduate Student - Temple University
Completed an MA in history plus all of the course work required for the Ph.D. and first draft of my dissertation. Assisted the Temple ROTC Det. by conducting AR 15-6 investigations and rappelling training. Also taught some ROTC military history classes. The net result was that I was awarded my fifth and last Army Commendation Medal--a very rare achievement while serving as a fully funded graduate student!
May 1986 - Jul 1986
Attended the Combined Arms & Services Staff School (CAS-Cubed).
Oct 1985 - May 1986
Command Information Officer
Served as command information officer and editor of the award-winning "Mountaineer" newspaper. Also wrote speeches for and developed video productions for the ADC (M), 4th Infantry Div. (Mech.).


(1 year, 1 month)
Jul 1970 - Jul 1971
Vietnam War
1 Endorsement
Saw action with C/3-1st Inf., 11th LIB, Americal Div. (July-Nov '70), WIA 3 Sept. '70. Served as combat photographer/correspondent with 31st Public Info. Det., 11th LIB (Dec. '70-May '71). TDY to XXIV Corps for Opn. Lam Son 719, Feb.-Mar. '71. Awarded Bronze Star for achievement as a Sp4. Then was company clerk, HHC, 11th LIB for my last 6 weeks.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Oct 1981 - Dec 1981

Junior Officer Motor Course

Sep 1978 - Feb 1979

Branch Immaterial Officer Candidate Course

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Jan 1983 - Jun 1983


May 1979 - Sep 1979


Feb 1978 - Mar 1978

Newspaper Editor's Course

Aug 1971 - Nov 1971

Information Specialist Journalist

Security Clearance
Top Secret

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1989 - 1990

1986 - 1988

1980 - 1981

McKendree University, Higher Education

Bachelors Degree, Business, Honors in Major