1LT Luke Flowers

1LT Luke Flowers

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  • PV2 Nov 00
  • PFC May 01
  • SPC Nov 01
  • CPL May 02
  • SGT Mar 04
  • SSG Aug 06
  • 2LT May 12
  • 1LT Nov 14
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An Old Soldier. Honored to have served with the greatest Americans. I made mistakes. Learning as I go. Doing the best I can. I had an incredible career and I am thankful for all opportunities and lessons learned from outstanding American men and women. I had leadership from all service branches and many MOS’s. It is hard to put into words. I love my brothers and sisters. I love the USA.

Military Experiences

May 2014 - Aug 2015
1-21 IN
Training Resource Manager/Assistant S-3
Staffing it up. Great Bros and Sisters. Retired after my life went to shit for a bit.
Apr 2013 - May 2014
C Co
Rifle Platoon Leader
Tropic Lightening! Gimlets! Bore Brother Bore! Got to have thick foreskin to be an Infantryman! The C in Tiger is Silent! Honey Badgers! White Tigers!
May 2012 - Apr 2013
2-11 IN
Infantry Officer
IBOLC and Ranger School. Yay!
Aug 2009 - May 2012
What a trip. College was amazing. I had the best cadet brothers and sisters one could ever have. CTLT Fort Bliss with 1st AD. I decided not to branch Engineer and go Infantry; because let’s face it that was the only branch I was meant for. Graduated Airborne School. Got 2 Bachelors Degrees. Worked for JC Penney and Gamestop.


(3 years)
Mar 2007 - Jun 2008
Iraq ribbon
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
The Surge. 15 Months. LOD!
Aug 2005 - Aug 2006
Iraq ribbon
Jan 2004 - Mar 2004
Iraq ribbon
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Back to OIF. Spent most of the time in Kuwait on a PSD for the Chaplain and Command Team. EN TEMPS.
Jul 2003 - Oct 2003
Iraq ribbon
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
OIF I Welcome to the Bunker: Bombs Over Baghdad

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Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2009 - 2012

Liberty University

Bachelors Degree, Management and Leadership