MSgt Arthur Stewart

MSgt Arthur Stewart

Dates of Service: May 1982 - Aug 2004
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I have traveled extensively CONUS/OCONUS to get done the duties I've been entrusted to perform. Over the last 20 years I have performed in the roles of technician, supervisor, and manager; to help develop and execute policies and procedures related to Acquisition/Procurement/COR/Contract Administration management; and Supply Chain Logistics. In uniform and out...London to Hampton & places between

Military Experiences

Jun 1998 - Jul 2002
18 CES
2S071 Superintendent Housing Management
Supervises and performs item and monetary accounting and inventory stock control, financial planning, and funds control. Computes requirement, determines allowance, and researches and identifies supplies and equipment requirements. Supervises and performs operations involved in storage, inspection, identification, and receipt of property. Provides support to maintenance activities. Coordinates with maintenance activities on repairable component actions. Controls and issues bench stock property. Obtains material required for equipment modification, periodic component exchange, and bills of material in support of maintenance. Accounts for all items contained in mobility readiness spares packages. Plans and schedules materiel storage and distribution activities.
May 1996 - Jun 1998
48 MSG
2S071 E6 Logistic Supervisor
Performs administrative and management functions. Performs and monitors management (and procedural application) of manual or automated inventory control actions. Computes and accumulates data for use in analysis. Helps develop work standards and methodology. Performs inventories, and ensures timely correction of discrepancies. Prepares, analyses, and evaluates reports, procedures, and policy data. Provides customer service. 2.2. Inspects and evaluates inventory management activities. Periodically inspects activities for compliance with policies, procedures, and directives for accuracy. Analyzes reports and records activities, reports inefficiencies to supervisors, and recommends corrective actions to improve operations. Evaluates supply efficiency and equipment management activities.


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Jun 1996 - Sep 1996
Southwest asia ribbon
Feb 1995 - May 1996
Jul 1990 - Dec 1990
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