SPC Mike Davis

SPC Mike Davis

Dates of Service: May 1959 - Apr 1962
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Jan 1961 - Apr 1962
053.60 mos radio teleype
Radio operator K-55 then return to Hq Seoul to serve as sound/audio recording man CG 8th Army. Had fun going to General's office to receive instructions as to what the general would like for audio/ sound at said event/meeting. And watch his staff each row on a higher platform then the one below stare daggers at such a rank Sp-4 (full bird PFC) receiving direct orders from his Aide-De-Camp. Then I would turn to leave and give them a small "smile." Knowing they had to accept my presence ahead of them. Better yet. I was to set up P.A. System for a parade. I did. Thought it went well. Monday A Lt. came looking for me with a very funny look on his face. The SAC (Seoul area commander) a full bird col was asking for me personally on the phone. Reason could not hear sound in library. DAMN!

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1963 - 1967

304th Signal Bn

Bachelor's Degree, Applied Sciences

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