LCDR Arthur Whittum

LCDR Arthur Whittum

Dates of Service: Nov 1957 - Apr 1979
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  • PO1 60
  • CPO Feb 62
  • CWO2 Jun 65
  • CWO3 Jun 67
  • ENS Feb 68
  • LTJG Sep 69
  • LT 73
  • LCDR Jul 77
Commissioning Source:  OCS, Feb 1968

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Joined the Coast Guard in 1957, right after summer vacation from high school. Made it a career. Retired, then back to work. Spent 16 years supporting the Air Force U2 program at various field locations. Retired again, took a year off, then back to work for government for five years more and retired for good. Enjoying life and ham radio.

Military Experiences

Nov 1957 - Mar 1979
U. S. Coast Guard enlisted E1-E7; U. S. Coast Guard Warrant Officer W1 - W3; U. S. Coast Guard Officer O1 - O4.


(11 months)
May 1959 - Jun 1959
Some time when I have more time than right now, I'll look up all the dates and stuff and come back to fill in the blanks. In the meantime. Sayonara.
Aug 1958 - Apr 1959
Shipboard assignments in five Coast Guard Cutters; areas ranged froml New England coastal areas to Ocean Station patrols at four locations in North Atlantic ocean. Sailed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for refresher training (deployments in four of the cutters). Sailed to ports in England and Europe during summer training cruise for Coast Guard cadets.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Mar 1958 - Aug 1958

Electronics Techncian Basic

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amateur radio (w1cro)