SGT Kenneth Partyka

SGT Kenneth Partyka

Dates of Service: Jul 1985 - Jul 1989
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I am a Senior Recruiter, specializing in Operations, Supply Chain, Engineering. If you are looking for work please contact me. After 17+ years doing this, I KNOW I will make a difference!

Military Experiences

Jul 1985 - Jul 1989
Platoon Sergeant
Czech Linguist/Interrogator/Platoon Sergeant: Responsible for the Health, Welfare and Training of 17 enlisted personnel and accomplishing the missions set forth by my Chain of Command in utilizing the personnel and resources in which I was entrusted. As a member of a Military family, it was my duty to serve this Country. The Army had decided, that with my analytical mind, interrogation was the career path for me. Mind you this was while the Cold War was still in full force, the Reagan years. DOD sent me to the Defense Language Institute to learn Czech (my heritage) and from there to Fort Huachuca, Arizona for Interrogation School. As it would happen, Uncle Sam was right. I finished with the #2 all-time score in Interrogation School, second only to a Vietnam Era Interrogator.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Sep 1986 - Jan 1987

Interrogation School

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Sep 1985 - Jul 1986


Foreign Language Skills


Czech (2+/2+)

Security Clearance

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1990 - 1992

Cooke County College

Associate Degree, Business