COL Dave Beaman

COL Dave Beaman

Dates of Service: Jun 1968 - Jun 1994
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  • 2LT Jun 68
  • 1LT Jun 69
  • CPT Jun 70
  • MAJ Feb 79
  • LTC Dec 84
  • COL Dec 90
Commissioning Source:  ROTC, Jun 1968

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Military Experiences

Jun 1993 - Jun 1994
Command Inspector General
Conducted investigations and inspections at the direction of the Commanding General, US Army Space and Strategic Defense Command (USASSDC).
Jun 1990 - May 1993
Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations
Assisted the Chief of Staff, US Army Space and Strategic Defense Command (USASSDC). Responsible for Operations, including the development of new missile defense systems for the Army.
Nov 1989 - May 1990
Chief Command Center Evaluator
Directed a team of highly qualified evaluators that conducted no-notice evaluations of the NORAD Command Center and all supporting tactical and operational centers located within Cheyenne Mountain. Personally evaluated the performance of the Command Center combat crew during such evaluations.
Jul 1987 - Oct 1989
Assistand Command Director
Served on two NORAD combat crews. Advised the Command Director on systems status and relayed tracking status, regarding air intrusions within US and Canadian airspace and missile events worldwide, to the National Command Authority and to major military commands. Provided the Command Director sufficient information upon which to render a valid threat assessment on behalf of CINCNORAD. Relayed CINCNORAD's threat assessment worldwide to major military commands.


(5 years, 10 months)
Sep 1976 - Jul 1979
Commander, Btry. D, 2nd Bn. (Nike), 1st ADA (Oct 77 - Jul 79) Operations Officer, 94th Arty. Group Missile Control Center (Sep 76 - Sep 77)
Sep 1970 - Jul 1971
Vietnam ribbon
Vietnam War
Commander, Btry. A, 4th Bn. (AW/SP), 60th ADA (Feb 71 - Jul 71) Assistant S-4 Officer, 4th Bn. (AW/SP), 60th ADA (Sep 70 - Jan 71)
Sep 1968 - Aug 1970
Commander, Btry. B, 5th Bn. (Nike), 1st ADA (Aug 69 - Aug 70) Executive Officer, Btry. B, 5th Bn. (Nike), 1st ADA (Apr 69 - Jul 69) Launcher Platoon Leader, Btry. B, 5th Bn. (Nike), 1st ADA (Sep 68 - Mar 69)

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Apr 1993 - Jun 1993

Jun 1986 - Jun 1987

Aug 1979 - Jun 1980

Oct 1971 - Aug 1972

Air Defense Officer Advanced Course

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CBR Officer Basic Course


Nike Warhead Prefire Course

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Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1964 - 1968

Indiana State University

Bachelor's Degree, Music

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