SSgt Russell Stevens

SSgt Russell Stevens

Dates of Service: Aug 1981 - Jun 1997
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Typical childhood I think. Abusive alcoholic father who often wasn't home. Learned five languages as a child and never volunteered that information to DOD until I caught the translator at McChord AFB translating wrong onboard an AN124 aircraft. There isn't enough space here to go much more.

Military Experiences

May 1994 - Jun 1997
Air Transportation Supervisor
Assigned to ATOC. TDY often. Responsible for meeting and launching all aircraft, obtaining cargo and passenger manifests, load and unload aircraft accordingly. Worked as Aerial Delivery specialist and dispatcher. Developed load plans for all airdrop missions, rigged loads, packed parachutes, transported loads to/from aircraft. Singled out for saving the Wing's reputation during the 1996 ORI by using the IG scenario as a training scenario for the newer ATOC controllers. Doubled as translator when foreign aircraft flew in.
May 1995 - Jun 1995
Air Transportation Supervisor
Temporary duty, recognized for being able to perform the job with minimal training. It was noted I took eight hours to learn the job most take a year to learn. Monitor all airlift operations worldwide, determine eligibility for hazardous material waivers and provide waivers based on circumstances.
Feb 1993 - May 1994
Air Transportation Supervisor
Assigned to ATOC, also double as Command Post and Load planner. Responsible for weight and balance on all cargo aircraft transiting Incirlik AB. Doubled and building and equipment custodian.
Feb 1986 - Feb 1993
Air Transportation Supervisor
Responsible for all military airlift in eastern New Mexico and West Texas, including LOGAIR and all military flights transiting the area. Completed all air terminal cargo duties and records keeping, track "lost" shipments and arrange for end user pickup of cargo. Responsible for all IT needs. Many deployments to Saudi Arabia and Korea.


(2 years)
Feb 1993 - May 1994
Typical ATOC duties, load planning, command and control.
Aug 1990 - Mar 1991
Saudi Arabia
Airlift Clearance Authority for the eastern half of the Saudi Peninsula.

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