SGT(P) Jody Hall

SGT(P) Jody Hall

Dates of Service: Aug 1985 - Sep 2002
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Started out in the guard. Left for Active Duty at Fort Bragg (Aviation). Left for college and and National Guard 13 Years Aviation, Senior Air Crewman. Went back to fort Bragg as (engineer). Medically retired 9/2002 Sometimes I really miss the Army... I really did enjoy it most all of the time.

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1-82 ARB
Squad Leader
Aviation 82nd, 1/17th Air CAV, 20th Eng Bde, 37th Engineering Bn. I have a few different MOS. 20th Eng Bde, 37th Eng. You little rat bastards. We really did make a difference also. I was proud to server with you.

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