1SG David Niles

1SG David Niles

Dates of Service: Jul 1986 - Nov 2007
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  • PVT Jul 86
  • PV2 Apr 87
  • PFC Sep 87
  • SPC Jan 88
  • SGT Apr 91
  • SSG Jul 97
  • SFC Aug 99
  • 1SG Jan 05

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Retired Military Professional with ten years as an active duty MP, TAI, SRT member. Ten years in the Washington Army National Guard as an Intel Analyst and MP. Currently working in the Corrections Field for 21 years. Last four years as a hearings officer after the Last 14 years as A correctional Sergeant. QUALIFICATIONS These are my qualifications as listed: I am currently a Correctional Sergeant with Washington State Department Corrections. I have completed the Washington State Correctional Officers Course and was number two in my class. I am a graduate of the Emergency Response Team academy and I have been the Expanded Quick Response Team (XQRT) leader at my previous facility. I have been certified Defensive Tactics Instructor and I am current

Military Experiences

Aug 2005 - Nov 2007
56th TIOG
1st Sergeant
1st, 1st Sergeant of the HHC 56th TIOG, Any way I was the units 1st 1SG and that can never be taken away from me.
Aug 2002 - Aug 2005
Senior Intelligence Analyst
j2 NCOIC, I did intel like stuff that if I told you I would have to make you disappear. Oh and all that admin stuff that does not get done unless you do them. Oh and equipment accountability and such. Oh and shoot, move and communicate as well. One of the best assignments I ever had with a great group of brothers.
Mar 2002 - Jun 2005
If I told you I would have to kill ya


(2 years, 8 months)
Aug 2003 - Jul 2004
Deployed as the s2 NCOIC for the special operations detachment pacific. More information can be gleaned by searching the stars and strips, dealing with the Horn of Africa. Security oath prevents me from saying more
Oct 2001 - Sep 2002
Yakima Airport
Night shift det operations sergeant after 9/11. In charge of the airports security while they created the monster that is now home land security. It was a fun rewarding assignment. I am still amazed what people will travel with
Dec 1995 - Jul 1996
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Went to Bosnia in accordance with the Dayton Accord brokered by pres bill Clinton to stop the fighting between the Croatian/Bosnians/and Muslims all three of which caused grievous atrocities against each other. I deployed with the HQ's element of the 127th military police company. I was the commanders security detail for the first three months then I took over as the night operations sergeant. Refragged back to Germany in July to prepare for ETS. This deployment taught me to imbrace the suck

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Jul 1989

Traffic accident investigation course

Started in Mar 1994

Started in Dec 1991

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