CW5 Kenneth Foster

CW5 Kenneth Foster

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  • SGT Mar 73
  • SSG Jun 78
  • SFC Mar 81
  • WO1 Mar 83
  • CW2 Apr 86
  • CW3 Mar 92
  • CW4 Mar 98
  • CW5 Mar 06


I am one of the top Logisticians in my field in the military. I am recognized by my peers as an expert in maintenance, logistics management, Team building, and a leader in my field of maintenance. I have performed all levels of maintenance management both in the military and civilian work force through experience in Combat/civilian equipment diagnostics, repair, and rebuild of Army equipment, truck and engine manufacturers. Managed all facets of all major combat systems, equipment development, maintenance, diagnostics, technician training and repair capabilities. I am a skilled supervisor that quickly interprets the needs and concerns of an organization, as well as the employees, and resolves problems by building highly effective and proficient personnel and teams. I am effective in considering and applying strategic planning to perform tasks with minimum personnel and resources ensuring quality outcomes.