PO1 Ken Helmick

PO1 Ken Helmick

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Jan 1982 - Jul 1982
Served as Engine Room Lower Level watch and Water Control Supervisor; in the latter job I recorded distilling unit production and shipboard consumption of both potable and reactor-grade water supplies as well as co-ordinating production and transfer. The Ike participated in the 24 June evacuation of the U.S. Embassy staff from Beirut, Lebanon.
Aug 1981 - Oct 1981
Operation Ocean Venture
Still serving in #1 Main Machinery Room standing Lower Level engine room watches, Distilling Units, and so on. Specialist in maintenance and repair of 5,000 PSI high-pressure air compressors. This cruise was meant to simulate the upcoming 600 ship navy and new technologies such as Tomahawk cruise missiles.
Apr 1980 - Dec 1980
Indian Ocean
Spent most of the year in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Iran, supporting efforts related to the Hostage Crisis where Iranian nationals stormed and held the US embassy. Served in #1 Main Machinery room on USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69), then the newest carrier in the fleet. This was the famous "six pack cruise".

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Nov 1979 - Feb 1980

Machinists' Mate Class A School

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