CPT Stephen Feldman

CPT Stephen Feldman

Dates of Service: Sep 1961 - Jun 1977
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I joined the Marine Corps in September 1961. In October 1962 I went to Cuba with the 5th Marines, 1st Mar Div. I was an 0311 Infantry grunt. When Kennedy gave the Beret to Special Forces, I determined I would get one. I made corporal in July 1962, corporal in under 3 at that time was unheard of and it really surprised me. I landed in Vietnam with the 9th Expeditionary Brigade in March 1965. We crossed the beach opposed by lots and lots of press and cameras. I left the Corps and joined the Army, losing 2 stripes and having o go through BCT/AIT in order to gain entry. I went to OCS, Airborne, Ranger, and Special Forces. I was assigned to CCC, 5th Special Forces Group. CCC was actually operational through MACV-SOG. I was a platoon leader after we turned the platoons over to the Vietnamese during the “Vietnamization” I became the Finance Offer of CCC and then assumed the added job of Adjutant. When I rotated, Infantry Branch sent me to Ft. Ord to be a BCT/AIT company commander. On 27Sep73, the Army froze promotions to captain and I stayed a 1lt for the next 2 years. Rather then company commander, I became XO/Training Officer. Because there was nothing for an XO/Training Officer to do, I finished my degree by going 4 nights a week to school. When I made captain I finally became a company commander. I went to the Infantry Officer Advanced School and then back to Special Forces. As a company S-3, I was on operations in Panama when I was hung outside a C-130. 16 months later I was medically discharged as an O-3E.