Cpl James R. " Jim" Gossett Jr

Cpl James R. " Jim" Gossett Jr

Dates of Service: Dec 1965 - Feb 1970
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  • Pvt Dec 65
  • PFC May 66
  • LCpl Nov 67
  • Cpl Nov 68

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Currently Total Disabled. Hard to do anymore Honey do's. Wife and I have somehow been married almost 50 yrs (5/2020). I used to take a lot of pictures, but unable to hold camera still. Still kicking though! Have 4 Great Grand kids and 3 new Great Grandkids. The Lord has allowed me to live to see all these things happen. Hopefully He'll give me a few more years to watch them Grow? I enjoy people.

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Feb 1968 - Jun 1969
Provided Ammo to Many outlying I Corp. Units. from 22 Cal to 155mm. Actually enjoyed sending Ammo, when they would come in for Re-Supply. I would get to talk with diff people from various units. I actually met up w/ a guy I went to Ammo School with. He was Tech with a Mortar unit. I learned later from another person in the same unit, he told me my friend did what Mortar People DO NOT Ever DO! Everything was good until the Dump Blew April 69. I did have the opportunity to continue my service with two diff paths. But being young...I opted to get out...as I look back...BAD DECISION...


(1 year, 5 months)
Feb 1968 - Jun 1969
Da Nang, VN
Ammo Tech at ASP #1, Camp Monahan Da Nang, VN All sereved Camp Maint Supervisor.

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Ammo School Quantico

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