SPC(P) Chandler Lonergan

SPC(P) Chandler Lonergan

Dates of Service: Nov 1987 - Dec 1991
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Even though my term of service to our military has ended, my commitment to my brother and sisters in arms will never end. I have started a project that's still in the construction phase called Charlie Mike Life. www.charliemike.life. Any ideas or constructive criticism would be highly appreciative. I want this to be a non-profit group for our Gold Star Families and Veterans~.

Military Experiences

Mar 1990 - Dec 1991
Squad Leader
My deployment unit to the big sandbox! Served with a most incredible group of men. I was the SMG's favorite.............Not!
Sep 1989 - Mar 1990
Combat Engineer
I was attached to this command and while there I designed and implemented an emergency and fire drill plan of action for the entire command. This entailed training different compartments and departments through out the command, in fire prevention as well as familiarity with the fire suppression systems and fire extinguishers throughout the command. I was the first Fire Marshall for USSOCOM. I also helped with Airborne Operations as well as helped with training in Airborne Operations for the airborne qualified members of USSOCOM by wearing that Monkey Harness being strapped to the floor of the aircraft during drops in the drop zone. I was a "Leg" during this time and was honored to train with the best in the world!
Feb 1988 - Sep 1989
Combat Engineer
A member of Charlie Rock. The best Sappers in the world


(2 years, 4 months)
Aug 1990 - Mar 1991
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Desert Storm / Desert Shield HQ 3rd Engineer Bn as possibly the youngest and lowest ranking squad leader in theater. No combat related losses of equipment or personnel.
Feb 1988 - Sep 1989
Stationed in West Germany C Rock 9th Engineer Bn.

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Nov 1987 - Feb 1988

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None / Expired