1st Lt Padre Dave Poedel

1st Lt Padre Dave Poedel

Dates of Service: Jun 1971 - Apr 1996
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  • AB Jun 71
  • Amn Jul 71
  • A1C Apr 72
  • Sgt Mar 73
  • PO2 Mar 80
  • SSgt Mar 92
  • 2d Lt Apr 93
  • 1st Lt Apr 94
Commissioning Source:  Direct Commission, Apr 1993

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I am humbled by all of the heroes that surround me here on RallyPoint! My military service was a very formative part of my life and directed me into the careers that would follow. Now that I am retired, I appreciate my service a lot more than I did while it was happening, and I am thankful for the time I was able to serve my country.

Military Experiences

Mar 1988 - Apr 1995
Executive Officer
I reenlisted as a SSG Medic, but was slotted in the XO 0-5 slot as a Health Services Administrator. Direct Commission as Medical Service Corps Officer (0-1E) and continued overhaul of administration of unit with full credit going to ART CMS Evelyn Wahl, who made me look really good as I attempted to do for her. After receiving a Satisfactory on first HSMI, continued working to bring unit administration to regs, received Excellent on next HSMI, I left unit to pursue further study in the Lutheran Pastoral Ministry.
Apr 1972 - Jun 1975
Emergency Medical Specialist
Shift Leader in Emergency Dept, Physician Extender (PA before there were PA's, shadowed Phase 2 of AF PA program in 1974-75). Learned an amazing amount from young, draftee physicians who took me as their "medical student" as I shadowed their MOD shift in the ER. Ran ambulance calls as needed.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Mar 1994 - Apr 1994

Health Services Executive Management

Security Clearance

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1993 - 1997

Graduate Theological Foundation

Doctorate, Pastoral Care

1980 - 1983

The University of Arizona

Master's Degree, Education/Animal Physiology

1971 - 1980

The University of Arizona

Bachelors Degree, Health & Safety Education

Personal Information

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