Capt Bill Mauer

Capt Bill Mauer

Dates of Service: Oct 1968 - May 1977
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Commissioning Source:  ROTC, Jun 1968

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Military Experiences

May 1998 - Jul 2011
USD Policy
IA Manager
Provided INFOSEC support for DoD OSD USD(P), including independent Agencies, comprising more than 700 employees at worldwide locations. Responsible official for Information and Computer Security in the Component. Defined and implemented IT security policies and procedures used within USD(P) and OSD. Developed and submitted Component comments for Congressional reports and DoD-wide directives. Represented USD(P) at SECDEF and DoD level meetings and working groups. Managed and architected the pilot Policy IDS. Piloted several NSA and DISA devices and applications. Provided IT forensic and intelligence support to Law Enforcement. Member of Cyber Counterintelligence and Insider Threat cells. Founding member GFIRST. Analyzed, provided feedback and piloted eMass. 9-11 Pentagon survivor.
Oct 1973 - May 1977
741 MS
Jun 1971 - Jun 1974
Missile Training Master Instructor
Taught Technical and Management blocks for Maintenance Officer Training. Participated in setup of new MM III Missile trainer. Rewrote course under ISD Pilot Program. Served on Ceremonial Unit as Team Chief.

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Individual & Special Skill Schools

Jul 1974 - Oct 1974

Minuteman ORT

Aug 1971 - Sep 1971

ATC Technical Instructor

Nov 1968 - Mar 1969

USAF Combat Targeting Officer





DOD Facility Security Officer


ATC Master Instructor


Certified Maintenance Inspector

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