SSG Steve Chesney

SSG Steve Chesney

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  • LCpl Jun 69
  • Cpl Jan 70
  • Sgt Apr 71
  • SSgt Jun 73
  • GySgt Jan 75
  • SPC Apr 76
  • SGT Aug 78
  • SSG Sep 79

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I left the Marine Corp to insue a career as a Pilot with the US Army Helicopter W/O flight program. I had to take many written tests, physical, hearing, vision. That’s the one that took me down. An astigmatism 1/25,000 to much. So I spent 4 years at Ft. Hood Tx. as a 4.2”Mortar platoon Sgt.

Military Experiences

Apr 1976 - Apr 1980
Platoon Sergeant 4.2 Mortar Plt. Sgt E-5. Promoted to SSgt E-6.
Spent 6 months in Wieldolicken, Germany and returned back to Ft. Hood Texas. I Remained there until April 1980 when my enlistment was up.
Dec 1969 - Jan 1975
Crew Chief on CH-53 Helicopter.
01/27/69 Boot Camp MCRD San Diego, Calif. ITR - Camp Pendelton, Calif. 04/12/69, Schooling at NAS MEMPHIS, Aviation School, 07//14/69. First Duty Station. NAS Dallas, TX. 12/23/69. June 1970- July 1971, MAG 16 Marble Mountain Vietnam. I was sent back and stationed at NAS Dallas, TX until 01/26/75. I was honorably discharged as GySgt E-7 I joined the US ARMY in 1976 stationed at Ft Hood Plt.Sgt for 4.2” Mortar Platoon. Spent a year in Wildfleckin Germany,Honorably discharged in 1980.
Nov 1969 - Jan 1975
Helicopter flight supervisor
MARTD, MARTC NAS Dallas, UH34 mech/ crew chief. Went to Vietnam 6/27/1970 return back to NAS Dallas as a Sgt. I was a Crew Chief on CH53 . I was promoted to SSGT and became line chief. Promoted, promoted to GYSGT in May of 1974.
Aug 1970 - Feb 1971
Crew Chief CH-53 , insertions, extractions of troops


(2 years, 1 month)
Apr 1977 - Mar 1978
Weildfleckin Germany
1 year tour working with German Army with their 4.2” Mortars
Jun 1970 - Jun 1971
MAG 16 1st MAW Marble Mtn Vietnam
Crew Chief on CH53 helicopters. Mechanic on CH53 helicopters

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Jan 1971 - Jan 1975

CH 53-Helicopter/Jet Engine, Hydraulic System, Rotor Head, Tail Rotar,Flight Controls

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Feb 1973 - Jan 1975

J57-p22 jet engines



Military F-4 Phantom

Foreign Language Skills


Spanish (4+/3+)

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Top Secret

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