SGM Brigade Operations (S3) Sergeant Major
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  • PFC Mar 88
  • SPC Jan 89
  • SGT May 90
  • SSG Feb 96
  • SFC Oct 01
  • 1SG Sep 06
  • CSM Aug 12
  • SGM Aug 14


CSM Michael Oldsen entered the U.S. Army, from Phoenix, Arizona, an as Indirect Fire Infantryman (11C), in March 1987. He attended Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training at Ft Benning, Georgia. CSM Oldsen’s assignments include: Berlin Germany; Ft Sill, OK; Ft Campbell, KY; USARB Columbus, OH; Schofield Barracks, HI; Ft Drum, NY; Ft Lewis, WA; Ft Riley, KS; Ft Benning, GA; Ft Bliss, TX