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PO2 Jeni Clancy

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Oct 1986 - Oct 1994
Hospital Corpsman (HM)
I worked in a Burn Unit in Fleet Hospital 15 a 500 bed hospital stationed in Al Jubayl, Saudi Arabia from January-April 1991. I worked on too many Marines to count, and I can say we helped over 1,000 Marines during the war, but I was honored to be by the sides of 3 Courageous Marines who gave everything for our Country...their lives. After we did everything we could for them and nothing else could be done, I held their hands and prayed with them as they passed away so they would not be alone in the end. It will forever be the best and worst moments of my life...knowing I could be there for those men in the end and that they would not be alone, but knowing that my BEST would never be good enough. That is something that I still struggle with all these years later.


(4 months)
Jan 1991 - Apr 1991
Saudi Arabia, Al Jubayl
Fleet Hospital 15, 500 bed hospital in the sand.

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Academic Degrees

2001 - 2004

Delaware Technical & Community College

Associate Degree, Allied Medical Professions, Undecided

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