Capt Rich Buckley

Capt Rich Buckley

Dates of Service: Sep 1962 - Feb 1967
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Commissioning Source:  Other, May 1964

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1962-1967 US Marine Corp combat F-4B jet fighter pilot, served in Viet Nam, 121 combat missions, honorably discharged. Life altering UFO experience. 1967-1968 Completed college on GI Bill and received BS from San Jose State University. MBA IN 1984 Cal State Hayward. 1968- 2019 Self Employed Realtor, Livermore, Calif President of Peace And Conflict Resolution.Org 501(c)3

Military Experiences

Fighter Pilot
Flight Training Pensacola - Marine Aviation Cadet Program, (Entered military service with Private Flying License), On Graduation assigned to Squadrons at El Toro, Calif, Trained in A-4, then F-4B's, then Trans-packed to Iwakuni, Japan, then sent In Country - Danang Vietnam, flew 121 Combat Missions, Then mustered out at MCAS Cherry Point


Ended in 1966
Vietnam War
121 Combat Missions in country.

Military Credentials

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Erickson Hypnosis, QHHT Hypnosis - PTSD Focus



Conventional and Nuclear Weapons Delivery Training

Security Clearance
None / Expired

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

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