SPC Nancy Greene

SPC Nancy Greene

Dates of Service: Dec 1983 - Sep 1987
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Enlisted in Army for educational benefits. Wanted to be a lawyer, but settled for two Masters Degrees from ECU in Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation Counseling. Worked for ten years as an in-home therapist for the Marine Corps at Camp LeJeune. Then turned my efforts to Aquatics. I was a certified Aquatic Fitness Instructor, RedCross Swim instructor Trainer and then USSA level2 swim coach 2003-2011

Military Experiences

Jul 1987 - Sep 1987
Personnel Management Specialist 75C1C
While on Medical Hold awaiting Medical Discharge; performed Personnel Management Duties as directed by OIC of Personnel. Including records management and various Personnel Management Duties.
Jan 1986 - Sep 1987
NCOIC Enlisted Promotions 75C1C
Responsible for all Enlisted Promotions from E2 through E7 for all units stationed at Garlstedt, Germany and corrected improperly completed Promotion Point Computations and Recomputations. Corrected four Soldiers Promotion Point worksheets which resulted in back-dated promotions up to five years. Assisted these Soldiers in obtaining appropriate back-pay. Provided Promotion services for two Infantry Battalions, an Artillery Battalion, a Tanker Battalion, and a Calvary Unit. NCOIC of Enlisted Promotions as an SP4(P)Responsible for publishing Promotion orders for all Enlisted personnel stationed in Garlstedt, Germany. Responsible for promotion point computations and re-computations.
Aug 1984 - Dec 1985
NCOIC Student/Trainee Promotions
Responsible for Student/Trainee promotions from E2 through E4 for all Students and trainees. Also responsible for CID MOS orders for Army and Air Force students completing CID Course.
Jun 1984 - Jul 1984
Assistant to the E7 Promotions Selection Board
Provided support to the Selection Board Members by reviewing 201 Files to ensure all documentation and awards were included in the record. Also assisted in reviewing the Soldiers’ picture exactly matched the documentation in the their 201 File.

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Feb 1986

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Security Clearance
Top Secret

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1991 - 1993

East Carolina University

Master of Science, Rehabilitation and Substance Abuse Counseling

1974 - 1978

University of NC-Greensboro

BA in Psychology with a minor in English and Criminal Justice, Behavior Modification and Autism