COL Carl Jensen

COL Carl Jensen

Dates of Service: Jan 1962 - Oct 1992
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  • 2LT Aug 67
  • 1LT Jan 70
  • CPT Mar 73
  • MAJ May 79
  • LTC Jun 87
  • COL Oct 92
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Brooklyn born and raised, college, drafted E-1, OCS at 27, Army/NG/Reserves. Promoted to 0-6 18 Oct.92, retired 28 Oct., nowhere to go. Col. In name only, no slots, retired top of LTC pay grade for retirement. CG couldn't keep me in the unit as over strength. Damn! The 70's on were hell, every time I was up for promotion, ranks were frozen or they raised the bar. Dual qualified 25A and 67H, in the end I was branch immaterial. Spent 4-5 yrs. teaching the USAR C&GS course at Wesley College in Dover Delaware. I got retired just in time, before Clinton could sign it. Anything else is TMI.