SSgt Jeff Kummerow

SSgt Jeff Kummerow

Dates of Service: Aug 1981 - Aug 1998
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Private pilot license, airframe and power plant license, aviation and aerospace enthusiast, animal lover especially dogs. Learned how to weld “mig” and stick, for building cars

Military Experiences

Sep 1985 - Aug 1998
433 AES
Aircraft Mechanic
Primarily jet engines, then became Aircraft mechanic and flying crew chief, all on C-5 Galaxies, engine run certified, refueling, basically anything that had to be done I did it. My two crew chief buddies were killed on c5 crash in Ramstien Germany. I’m sure you’ve heard about it, I was allowed to freelance on the problem at Kelly and I found the cause, worked with supervisors to get change made to the harness that was put on after crash that had a an attaboy letter from Brig Gen Micheal J Quarnaccio.
Dec 1981 - Aug 1985
Aircraft Mechanic
Turboprop mechanic, engine run qualified, many TDY,s to Europe, NATO. South America.

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F811e08a Musicrestoring cars