PO3 Edward Riddle

PO3 Edward Riddle

Dates of Service: Oct 1966 - Apr 1969
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I joined when I was 17yo as a kiddy cruiser, to be let out the day before my 21st bd. First ship U.S.S. Oxford AGTR-1 (Sister ship to U.S.S. Liberty AGTR-5) Volunteered for River Boats. Ended up with Mobile Riverine Force on T-91-9 as a Starboard .50 Gunner with a Honeywell Grenade Launcher. Got a 180 day Early Out so I did 2yrs 6mos.and 13days active duty with 2yrs 4mos. overseas duty

Military Experiences

May 1968 - Apr 1969
.50 Gunner
Starboard .50 Gunner w/Honeywell Grenade Launcher. Occasional Boat Coxswain. Sweeping, swabbing and maintaining the boats infrastructure. Helped direct the landing of choppers on our tiny flight deck. Sometimes we were re-supply. sometimes medivac, sometimes troop carrier.


(1 year, 10 months)
May 1968 - Apr 1969
Mobile Riverine Force
Starboard .50 gunner Coxswain
Mar 1967 - Dec 1967
U.S.S. Oxford AGTR-1
Deck Force Port .50 Gunner for General Quarters

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Nov 1967


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Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1995 - 1996

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor

Job/Skill Training, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor

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