SFC David S

SFC David S

Dates of Service: Oct 1985 - Aug 2006
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Born in raised in KY by my wonderful grandparents. had many job interests but having family that served in the marines, navy, army and civil service. One uncle served in WW2, uncle in Korean war, uncle in Viet Nam and father in the Navy in the Cuban blockade. I served 21.75 years in the Army. half of my career was in armor the last half in artillery. I was in west Germany when the wall came down.

Military Experiences

Jun 1996 - Aug 2006
platoon Sgt/senior logistic nco
I feel extremely fortunate that no soldier got injured or killed in my convoys (over 100) or cmbt patrols (7 months) that I was the NCOIC of. and familys thanked me for bringing their family members home. (still gives me the vapors)


(3 years, 3 months)
Mar 2003 - Dec 2005
Iraq ribbon
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
additional duties are numerous, A senior supply sgt in charge of a combat patrol. Lead convoys thru IED ally and IED highway (hwy 1) Baghdad to Balad or Taji to the Baghdad airport, and so on. Providing security setting upn for and during the elections. Capturing Iranian Insurgents making IEDs And taking care of soldiers (should be #1 acheivment)
Apr 1987 - Aug 1987
reforger 87
supply specialist/unit armorer/vehicle operator/guard duty and so on

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Professional Development Schools

Jan 2002 - Mar 2002

advanced noncommishioned officer course

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Jun 1988


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Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1991 - 1996

1st bn, 67th armored reg, 4th ID

Associate Degree, General Studies

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