SFC Richard Williamson

SFC Richard Williamson

Dates of Service: Jul 1972 - Jul 1992
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  • PVT Jul 72
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I am married for 20 years, the longest ever. I retired 31 Jul 1992 from the US Army at the grade E-7/SFC. I served 8 years as a 63H, then reclassed to 79D which later became 00R. I'm a non-combat veteran, originally from Washington State and currently living in the greatest place in North America, in my opinion, Plains, MT. I love golf, bowling, photography and being outdoors & art. Student at the University of Montana.

Military Experiences

May 1989 - May 1990
Battalion Career Counselor
Served as a battalion career counselor at Headquarters Company, 9th ID, serving 4 separate battalions and two company sized units, providing counseling and guidance to enlisted soldiers and advised commanders on reenlistment policies, regulations, and changes to the Army Reenlistment Program. Maintained and monitored all unit reenlistment programs and policies.
May 1987 - May 1989
304th ESB
00R-Bn Retention NCO
Served as battalion Retention NCO for Ist Signal Bde, 304th Signal Battalion, providing career guidance to enlisted personnel. Briefed commanders on their reenlistment programs, and provided information concerning regulations and changes to regulations.
May 1985 - Apr 1987
00R40 Retention NCO
Served as the brigade level senior Retention NCO, providing reenlistment support for all detachments throughout Germany.
Apr 1981 - May 1985
00R-Bn Retention NCO
00R Retention NCO; served as unit reenlistment at company, battalion and brigade level. Briefed commanders on reenlistment policies, regulations and changes to regulations, and the Army Reenlistment program.


(20 years, 9 months)
Apr 1989 - Jul 1992
HHC, 9th ID, Ft Lewis, WA
00R40, Retention NCO provided career guidance to enlisted personnel and briefed commanders on reenlistment rates, programs and regulations, concerning the reenlistment programs.
May 1987 - Apr 1989
1st Signal Bde, Yongsan, Seoul, Korea
304th Sig Bn, 1st Sig Bde, Camp Colburn, Korea. Bn Retention NCO, 00R.
Jul 1985 - May 1987
2nd Region CID Cmd, Hieldeburg, GE
Command Retention Nco, 2nd Region Cid Cmd.
May 1981 - Jul 1985
41st Artillery Bde, Babenhausen, GE
2/83rd FA Bn Retention NCO, 79 D.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Jul 1983 - Aug 1983

Advanced NCOC, Ft Benjamin Harrison, IN

Jan 1974 - Feb 1974

NCO Leadership School, Wightman Hall, Camp Casey, Korea

Individual & Special Skill Schools

May 1980 - Jun 1980

79D-Reenlistment NCO, Ft Benjamin Harrison, IN

Oct 1972 - Feb 1973

63H-Automotive mechanic


Aug 1977

Automatic Transmission Repair by Detroit Diesel/Allison Transmission

Security Clearance

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2021 - 2025

University Of Montana

Master's Degree, Social Work


Mental Health First Aid

Job/Skill Training


Montana Peer Network

Job/Skill Training, Montana Peer Support Specialist

1995 - 1997

Pierce College, Lakewood, WA

Associate Degree, Social service/Mental Health

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