LCDR Michael Pumilia

LCDR Michael Pumilia

Dates of Service: Apr 1972 - Aug 1980
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  • ENS Apr 72
  • LTJG Apr 74
  • LT Apr 76
  • LCDR Apr 80
Commissioning Source:  ROTC, Apr 1972

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Military Experiences

Oct 1977 - Aug 1980
Strike Warfare Officer
Special Weapons Operations and Planning Officer, Command Duty Officer, Representative to State Environmental organization, "Detail Edward" representative
Aug 1977 - Oct 1977
Strike Warfare Officer
Attended various classes at NWPTG
Aug 1974 - Aug 1977
USS Lexington (CV-16)
Surface Warfare
Ship's company aboard CVT-16 as Air Admin Officer, Air Transfer Officer, Officer of the Deck - Underway, Air Training Officer, Fire Fighting Team - Flight Deck, Combat Information Center Watch Officer, Boat Rescue Officer participating in several operations. Command Environmental Representative at FL state organization. Official escort of USSR 3-star army and air force representatives onboard a US operational aircraft carrier as part of SALT 1 Treaty obligations
Apr 1972 - Jul 1974
Naval Aviator
First a student naval aviator then an aviator aboard the NAS

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools


Nuclear Training Group

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Aug 1977 - Oct 1977

Nuclear Weapons Courier

Security Clearance
Top Secret/SCI or higher

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