LTC Joe Anderson

LTC Joe Anderson

Dates of Service: Dec 1984 - Dec 2019
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  • PFC Jun 85
  • SPC Jun 86
  • SGT Dec 88
  • 2LT Dec 90
  • 1LT Dec 94
  • CPT Jun 98
  • MAJ Jan 05
  • LTC Feb 14
Commissioning Source:  ROTC, Dec 1990

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Military Experiences

Dec 1984 - Dec 2002
Chronological Military Assignments
CHRONOLOGICAL MILITARY ASSIGNMENTS: 118 th INF. BDE Rifleman SCARNG 1984-1988 2nd BN E CO. 2nd ITB (BASIC) ARNG/ACTIVE 1984 -1986 6th BN A Co 1st ITB (AIT) ARNG/ACTIVE 1986 107th ENG. BN MI. Team LDR later SMP ARNGUS 1989-1990 554th ENG BN (EOBC) Active Duty, FLW. MO USAR 1992 996th ENG Bridge CO, PLT LDR USAR 1992-1994 478th Trans CO. PLT LDR/XO (Acting CO in the field) USAR 1994-1995 428th Trans CO. PLT LDR/ DET CMDR USAR 1995-1997 318th PSYOP CO. TPD CMDR USAR 1997-1999 2nd BSPE, BDE PSYOP DET CMDR (Bosnia) ACTIVE Duty/USAR 1998 318th PSYOP CO Plans/ OPS Officer USAR 1999-2001 10th POB, BN S-4 USAR 2001-2002
Ended in Dec 2002
Chronological Military Assignments Continued
CHRONOLOGICAL MILITARY ASSIGNMENTS CONTINUED: 308th PSYOP CO TPD CMDR USAR 2002 308th PSYOP CO Operation Officer USAR (Active duty) 2003 7th POG LNO USAR (Active duty) 2003 308th PSYOP CO. Acting Commander USAR (Active Duty) 2003-2004 308th PSYOP MAJ promoted September 04 USAR 2004 JFMO-HQ State Partnership Coordinator/Director MONG (AGR/ActiveDuty) 2005-2008 KFOR 10, MNTF (E), 110th MEB G9 OPS Officer Active Duty 2008-2009 JFMO-HQ, CLPM MONG (AGR/ActiveDuty) 2009-2010 DIA JRIP SSO/LNO NGB 2010-2013 (Active Duty) SOC FWD Yemen J2 2014 (Active duty) EUCOM JOC Team Chief 2014 -2017 (Active Duty) IRR 2018
Jan 1989 - Dec 1990
107th EN
Team Leader/SMP
Simultaneous Military Membership Program (SMP)/ROTC. Team Leader, Assistant PLT Leader, Later S2 assistant. 2 years then early Commission while I finished college. Commissioned 21B Engineer Dec 14, 1990 (IRR till 92).
Dec 1984 - Dec 1988
1-118 IN
Rifleman/Squad Automatic Rifleman, M113 Driver
Mech Infantry M113 Driver, Riflemen, Squad Automatic Rifleman, and later Team Leader E1-E5


(4 years)
Feb 2014 - Sep 2014
Special Operations Command Central (SOCCENT) Forward-Yemen (SFY)
Was the J-2 Intelligence Officer/Manager supporting SF Units for SOC FWD and US Forces Yemen - SFY. Provided support at/for the US Embassy, worked with various 3 letter agencies in country, while directing the Joint Warfighting Capabilities for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance of Counterterrorism OPs in Yemen (GWOTE Mission).
Mar 2008 - Mar 2009
Kosovo ribbon
Civil-Military Operations Staff Officer (G5), Info Ops Officer, and Liaison to NATO's Regional Security Officer/Director. Work with local Security Forces on reconstruction (Schools, Roads...), Coordinated MEDCAPs, DENTCAPs & VETCAPs. As TF Falcon's Security Representative & Coordinator attended all NATO Regional Security Meetings.
Feb 2003 - Jul 2004
USACAPOC - Various Loactions & Ft Bragg
Support to USACAPOC, 5th Group, and Det. CMDR Trained the 1st/Newly created Stryker Brigades' Psychological Operations Support Detachment/Element and Info Operations Cell.
Jan 1998 - Sep 1998
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Multi-National Division North- Brigade Psychological Operations Support Detachment Commander & BDE IO CMDR. Conducted Tactical Psychological Operations all over MND-North and some South. Created two products used theater wide.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools
Foreign Language Skills


Spanish (5/3+)


Spanish (3+/3+)

Security Clearance
Top Secret/SCI or higher

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2010 - 2011


US Army Military Police School

Job/Skill Training, Counter Terrorism

2005 - 2007

Army Command & General Staff College (CGSC)

Master's Degree, Strategic Studies, Leadership &, Logistics


University of Missouri System (LETI 670 Hr POST RECERT)

Job/Skill Training, Police Academy