SGT Kevin Hughes

SGT Kevin Hughes

Dates of Service: Sep 1969 - Sep 1987
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I was born in a MidWestern Steel town in 1951. I was the tenth child of a large Irish Catholic Family. I was the smallest kid in school. I had red hair and freckles. Only the freckles remain. I changed jobs, careers, colleges with alarming frequency. I was the 2nd oldest person in NC to be formally diagnosed Autistic- at the age of 63. It changed my life. My daughter said: "Dad, now your life makes sense."

Military Experiences

Nov 1984 - Sep 1987
Company Clerk
Company Clerk under the Active Duty AGR program. Maintained 201 Files, updated manuals, Advance Party for Summer Camps: 85,86,87. Monthly Meetings with the Headquarters in Frankfurt, Ky. Duty Stations in Newport, Ky, and Louisville, Ky
Oct 1979 - Aug 1982
Basic Medic - ran sick call on Drill Weekends. Got a Secondary MOS as a Medical Specialist (Lab). Advance Party on Summer Camps: 80,81,82. Responsible for resupplying used Medical Materials and tools.
Feb 1979 - Oct 1979
Mortar Section Sergeant
Organized Training Schedules, Maintenance Schedules, Taught Classes on Gunnery and Fire Direction Control. Maintained Heavy Weapons ( M-60, .50 Cal, and 81mm Mortars). Field Exercises and Training. Kept records on Individual Soldiers, and Squad Leaders One of my favorite memories of this Unit was being sent TDY for four months to Ft. Fischer NC to evaluate National Guard Mortar Units and have gunnery contests. Back then the National Guard was only deployed within the states for riot duty, or humanitarian missions. So getting to be trained by "real full time soldiers" for them, was a blast. They worked their butts off to be as good as Active Duty standards. I loved it.
Oct 1975 - Feb 1979
Section Sergeant
I was FDC- then Section Sgt, then Acting Platoon Sgt for the Weapons Platoon. We won the Gunnery Championship for the Mortar Section. I was on the Division Cross Country Team, and Swimming Team.


(10 months)
Nov 1978 - Feb 1979
South korea
South Korea
My Unit went to Korea for this time period. I was due to be shipped to Ft. Hood Texas the day they returned from Korea. So I stayed in Hawaii to maintain the Quad - along with four other Enlisted and two Officers. We loaded the equipment down at Hickam, then secured the Quad and all the Battalion Remaining Equipment. I wish I had gone with them.
Apr 1976 - Sep 1976
New Zealand
First Unit to be deployed to New Zealand since World War II. Cross training with their Mortar Units. Learned their Mortars, tactics, and techniques. Shared Field Exercises under their Leadership.

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Aug 1970 - Oct 1970

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Nov 1970 - Dec 1970

Advanced Infantry Training - Mortar.

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