A1C Medrick "Rick" DeVaney

A1C Medrick "Rick" DeVaney

Dates of Service: Jun 1961 - Jun 1965
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"Never Say 'NO' To ANYTHING Which Won't Kill You IMMEDIATELY. Should Say 'NO' You May Be Missing An Adventure Of A Life Time" If You're Waiting To Make Plans For "Later" , That's Your FIRST Mistake Heading To The Failure Of EVER Doing It. ...Because ALL "Tomorrows" Are Behind You,... If You Don't Take Chances, How Will You Ever Know What "SUCCESS" Is?....... "Can You Hear Me NOW"? Go Live .

Military Experiences

Jun 1961 - Jun 1965
Strategic Air Command (SAC)
So Varied I Was Always Working Outside Of My AFSC Except For About A Year In 61...Here's The Kicker ...I Could NOT Receive Any Promotions When Working Outside Of My Stated AFSC.....As A Result, Remained An E-3 In Most Of My Career, But That Was Fine With Me; As I Truly Enjoyed Every One Of The Other AFSC'S I Worked In And Had A BALL In The Process, As I Had Higher Ranked Individuals Working For Me... If You're Confused, You Should Have Seen The Looks On THEIR Faces... BESIDES; I Took Advantage Of EVER Educational Opportunity,. And Am SO Fortunate For Having Done So....I Retired At 56...And I'm Still Kicking At 78 This Year (2022).... THANK YOU, USAF... You're The Ones Whom Helped Me Have A Better & Much More FUN And A Successful Life... I 'd Salute Your Ass If You Bared It...


(1 year, 1 month)
Jun 1964 - Jun 1965
South korea
OSAN AFB, South Korea
Hard To Describe, As I Was Stationed At OSAN.AFB, South Korea (A Well Known Far East "Party Your Ass Off") Base, Where The South Koreans Did Most Of The Work & We Had South Korean CHEFS Preparing Every One Of Our Meals... Fact Is, Over Our RESTAURANT Entry Way We Had A Sign Which Expressed The Quality Of Our Food. .. "RECOMMENDED By DUNCAN HEINS"

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Jun 1961 - Jun 1965


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Jun 1961 - Jun 1965

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Jun 1947

Certified Nut Case

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Academic Degrees

1961 - 1965

1961 - 1965

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this is vegas. we can do most anything.