A1C Medrick "Rick" DeVaney

A1C Medrick "Rick" DeVaney

Dates of Service: Jun 1961 - Jun 1965
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"Never Say 'NO' To ANYTHING Unless It'll Kill Ya IMMEDIATELY. Should You Say 'NO', You May Be Missing An Adventure Of A Life Time" If You're Waiting To Make Plans For "Later", That's Your FIRST Mistake; Because ALL "Tomorrows" Are Behind You; If You Don't Take Chances, How Will You Ever Know What "SUCCESS" Is? "Can You Hear Me NOW"? Go LIVE Your Life, And Stop Pissing It Away; This One's "IT" !

Military Experiences

Jun 1961 - Jun 1965
Strategic Air Command (SAC)
My Duties Were So Varied I Was Always Working Outside Of My AFSC Except For About A Year In 61...Here's The Kicker: I Could NOT Receive Any Promotions When Working Outside Of My Stated AFSC.. As A Result, I Remained An E-3 Most Of My Career, But That Was Fine, Because I Truly Enjoyed Every 1 Of The Others I Worked In And Had A Great Time In The Process; And Higher Ranked Individuals Working For Me. If You're Confused, You Should Have Seen The Looks On THEIR Faces.. BESIDES; I Took Advantage Of EVERY EDUCATIONAL BENEFIT Afforded Me & SO Fortunate For Having Done So. Retired At 56...And I'm Still Kicking At 78 This Year (2022).. THANK YOU, USAF... You're The Ones Whom Helped Me Have A BETTER & Much More PRODUCTIVE And SUCCESSFUL Life. .. I'd Guess U.S.A.F.I. Gave Me About A MASTERS


(1 year, 1 month)
Jun 1964 - Jun 1965
South korea
OSAN AFB, South Korea
Hard To Describe, As I Was Stationed At OSAN.AFB, South Korea (A Well Known Far East "Party Your Ass Off") Base, Where The South Koreans Did Most Of The Work & We Had South Korean CHEFS Preparing Every One Of Our Meals. Fact Is, Over Our RESTAURANT Entry Way We Had A Sign Which Expressed The Quality Of Our Food. .. "RECOMMENDED By DUNCAN HEINS"

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Jun 1961 - Jun 1965



Jun 1961

Various Business Programs Appx. 30+ In Total

Jun 1961

Certified Nut Case

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Academic Degrees

1961 - 1965

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friends: i love having friends dropping in just to chat and have a few laughsph: 702-651-8640 ~ email: medrickd@aol:.com