SPC Michael Terrell

SPC Michael Terrell

Dates of Service: Aug 1972 - Aug 1978
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Drafted with five 4F ratings and being told that I could never serve. Tested out of 26T school, in Basic. Worked Weathervision at Ft Rucker, Alabama and as Broadcast Engineer at the AFRTS stations at Ft Greely, Alaska. I received a Letter of Commendation while at Greely for completely rebuilding the VHF TV and AM Radio stations. I received my promotion to SP4 the same day.

Military Experiences

Aug 1973 - Aug 1974
AFRTS Engineer
Maintain and operate the TV station, along with one other operator. Maintain the AM radio station. Rebuilt the entire TV station that was about 95% defective when I arrived. I received a promotion to SP4, and a letter of Commendation from Lt. General Marks for my work.
Oct 1972 - Aug 1973
3rd Sust BDE HHQ
Electronics Technician (ET)
I maintained the Weathervision System which was based at Cairn Airfield, along with Cable TV equipment for remote fields. We provided Weather DATA to the airfields, and distributed 10 channels of Educational TV. I did some RADAR work, and installed the sound system in the General's Conference Room.