1LT Voyle Smith

1LT Voyle Smith

Dates of Service: Jan 1966 - Nov 1968
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Commissioning Source:  OCS, Jan 1967

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Born 9/5/1941 Knoxville Tn, raised in San Antonio Tx. Grad Jefferson HS 1959, attended Tx A&M 1959-'61, St Mary's U., grad 1964. Hired by AF as Intel Research Spec GS-5 in May '64, left as GS-7 in Jan '66 & enlisted US Army as 11B10, commissioned Jan '67, RVN Nov '67-Nov '68. Returned to SAT & back to work as GS-9, to USAFE as GS-12 Intel Ops Spec in '73, rtn to SAT in '76, retired Supervisory Intelligence Operations Specialist GM-14 in 1994

Military Experiences

Jan 1968 - Nov 1968
Asst Psyops Oficer, G5
Backed up Civil Affairs Officer on G5 staff: Worked with him on MedCap missions in local villages, moved Bru Montagnards out of harm's way around Khe Sahn using returning supply vehicles, obtained medical treatment and helicopter medevac of injured Bru; performed TDY to Saigon and met with VN Minister of Education regarding new school the division had built in An Khe, negotiated handover date & ceremony & school name. Weekly, provided one hour block of instruction on psyops & civil affairs to division's "new guy" class, introducing students to Chieu Hoi program & employment of defectors as Kit Carson Scouts. Supervised 20-man team of KC Scouts spread across all three combat brigades.
Nov 1967 - Nov 1968
Asst Psyops Officer, G5
Planned and conducted Psyops in support of combat for the 16,000-man Army division. Led a small team of officers, enlisted men and indigenous forces in conducting ground-based and helicopter-borne loudspeaker broadcasts and leaflet drops in support of troops in contact with enemy forces. Interviewed captured and defector personnel to obtain feedback on effectiveness of ops. Composed leaflets for printing off-site. Accompanied Infantry units in sweeps of terrain, cordon & search ops, interviews of local people. Engaged enemy by fire & maneuver with small arms, artillery, airstrikes to neutralize enemy forces & protect native people. Saw action at Hue', Khe Sahn, A Shau Valley (Op Pershing, Pegasus, Jeb Stuart, Delaware).
Mar 1968 - Apr 1968
Asst Psyops Officer, G5
While working with Bru Montagnard Chief named Karum, received intel that "Big Iron God" was periodically flying over his village belching noxious fog & killing the village orchard; surmised it was defoliant missions flown by C-123s in Operation Ranch Hand; briefed Div G3 Air & ALO who adjusted frag orders to avoid specific targets. That impressed Karum & he asked for my help w/ill 13-yr-old daughter; medevac'd her to Camp Carrol where appendix was removed. Karum asked me to join his tribe & attend feast & marry his 12-yr-old daughter. Awkward situation! He insisted on giving me 2 crossbows, which I later gave to museum "Vietnam Archive" at Texas Tech Univ.
Jul 1967 - Oct 1967
2nd PSYOP Grp
Brigade Intelligence (S2)
Group staff officer for intel & security. Coordinated ops of S2s of three subordinate battalions. Wrote psyop annexes for OPlans that tasked elements of XVIII Abn Corps.


(4 years, 1 month)
Nov 1973 - Oct 1976
Lindsey AS & Patch Barracks, Germany
USAFSS liaison to HQ USAFE & USEUCOM. Deputy OIC for AF detachment. Visit US military and Allied HQs and units throughout Western Europe to brief personnel on operational and intelligence developments. Collect intel on opposing forces & write reports and/or provide briefings for higher HQ. Participate in FTXs with Army & AF & Allied units.
Nov 1967 - Nov 1968
Republic of Viet Nam (RVN)
Deployed to USARV's 90th Replacement Bn, then to Hq 1st Cav Div at Camp Ratcliff, Bien Dihn Province, RVN. Div Deployed to Thua Tihn Province in Jan '68, set up new HQ at Camp Evans, 13 mi north of Hue'. Deployed NW to LZ Stud, near Khe Sahn Combat Base in March '68. In April '68 deployed to LZ Stallion in A Shau Valley. Back to Camp Evans in May

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Jul 1971 - Feb 1972

AF Electronic Warfare Officer School

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Jul 1966 - Jan 1967

US Army Infantry Officer Candidate School

May 1964 - Oct 1964

USAF Cryptologic Analysis School

Security Clearance
Top Secret/SCI or higher

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1959 - 1964

Texas A&M University, St Mary’s Univ

Bachelors Degree, English, Economics, Philosophy