SFC Dr. Jesus Garcia-Arce, Psy.D

SFC Dr. Jesus Garcia-Arce, Psy.D

Dates of Service: Feb 1972 - Mar 1999
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Join in the Army february 20, 1972 Basic Training Fort Jackson S.C B-7-2, AIT Fort McClellan Al to Chemical School from 24 July to 19 September 1972, assigned to 62nd Chemical Co.(SG) thru ETS 1974, join to PRNG. 1976 tranfer to Army Reserve Forces Puerto Rico until 1999 when to retired. Served in 831 Sig Co., A-35th Sig. Bn, HHC 35th Signal Bn., HSC 448th Eng. Bn. (cbt) Fort Buchanan PR

Military Experiences

Mar 1994 - Mar 1999
Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) NCO
Battalion NBC NCO. Conduct NBC training to the battalion that include Gas Chamber, MOPP level training Decontamination, and preparation for the chemical attack. Inspection to all companies NBC Room and documents, after 27 years retired from the army.
Feb 1976 - Jun 1994
Nuclear Biological Chemical NBC NCO
Battalion NBC NCO for A and HHC 35 Signal Battalion Juana Díaz, P. R. Support and training the troop to prepare for Annual Training outside of the island many times and any eventual deployments in how to survive in any chemical biological and Nuclear attack. Train the troop to maintenance the protective M-17 A1 -M-17 A 2 - M 43 Gas Mask. Conduct the MOPP Level exercise in case of any deployments. Conduct Gas Chamber exercise at Camp Santiago Salinas or any other training site on Vieques Island. Maintain the NBC Room adequate for Commander or battalion inspection. Inspection and repair the any NBC equipment may required. As NBC NCO I have to inspect any abnormalities of the of equipment on the NBC Room if any, inform to my superior NCO like First Sargent and NBC Officer at the battalions. Filled necessaries documents as needs
Sep 1972 - Feb 1974
Chemical Operator Specialist
As a Chemical Operator Specialist work in Flame operation also operate the Smoke Generator Equipment to make Smoke courtin in support with Ranger infiltration exercise at Ranger Camp at Englin Air Force Base, Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Trained at Pelham Range, Alabama, Decontamination and Detection of Chemical exercise. Crossing of a contaminated area exercises.


(8 months)
Jun 1995
With 448th Eng. Battalion in support construction rural school
Jan 1990
Belgium Brussel
Reforger 1990 Training with Belgium, German and others NATO Army conducting comunication exercise and NBC operations
Jun 1987
Panama Republic
In comunication support to the Eng. Co. during the road construction.
Aug 1985 - Dec 1985
Saint Thomas, USVI 1985 in Support Hurricane George
In support of recovery on hurricane George devasting the island

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Aug 1996

Senior Leaders Course Phase II Fort McClellan Al. (SLC formerly ANCOC)

Nov 1995 - Dec 1995

Senior Leaders Course Phase I Formerly ANCOC Ft. Allen, PR

Sep 1986

Platoon Trainers Workshop

Jun 1985

Battalion Training Management System (BTMS)

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Jun 1978

Tele type Writer Operator 72 E 10 Army Signal School Fort Gordon Ga.



Certified Counselor, Psychology

Foreign Language Skills

Spanish English (5/5)

Security Clearance

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2015 - 2017

Atlantic International University School of Social and Human Studies

Doctorate, Social Psychology

2012 - 2013

Universidad Teologica y Consejeria Biblica

Doctorate, Pastoral Studies / Counselor Ph.D Summa Cum Laude

2010 - 2011

The Christian University of NC

Doctorate, Ministry Summa Cum Laude

2008 - 2010

Christian University of NC

Master's Degree, Theology Magna Cum Laude