SPC John Tacetta

SPC John Tacetta

Dates of Service: Sep 1976 - Sep 1980
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  • PVT Sep 76
  • PV2 Jan 77
  • PFC May 77
  • SPC Apr 78

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A lost boy who joined the Service and ran away from home. Fired a whole lot of ordnance, thankfully never in anger. Soldier, autoworker, roofer, contractor, research assistant and engineer. Got my pound of flesh back when Uncle Sam helped me pay for my college education and walk into my first home. Stopped marrching years ago, but still keeping my gig line straight. Just waiting on a flag now.

Military Experiences

Nov 1979 - Sep 1980
Got an Air Assault badge. First line company to get Blackhawks. Flew to Panama on a C5 and traipsed around the jungle. Drew down the ammo bunkers after Operation Eagle Claw went awry in the Iranian desert and fired it all off after we stood down. Used as meat to train pilots of what was to become the 160th SOAR during the summer of 1980. Spent a lot of tactical time in the air, night and day: best roller-coaster rides you could wish for.
Dec 1978 - Sep 1979
Colonel's Driver
Drove the Bde XO around Germany in a jeep during field operations and a sedan otherwise.
Dec 1976 - Dec 1978
Anti-Armor Specialist
Humped a 109 mm recoilless rifle through the woods and was later awarded MOS 11B10C2 on 20Dec1977 as the Dragon Missile was being introduced into theatre to replace the 109. The 109 pelted you with rocks, but the appropriately named Dragon burned off your eyebrows. Drove a bitch of a track that was broken more often than not, although I did manage to float the thing across the Main River one day. Got a jeep license while on guard duty at Miesau and almost got my ass shot off while escorting a Pershing Missile battery into the Inner Sanctum. Found my drill Sergeant from Basic sitting on my bunk one night and learned he was going to be my new squad leader, I shit you not. Talk about a rush. Got bumped up to Bde - didn't even have to ask.
Oct 1976 - Dec 1976
Last class to live in the wooden barracks. Threw a grenade (poorly). Saw a bolide during a night march. Got a blue cord.


(2 years, 9 months)
Dec 1976 - Aug 1979
Guarded the exit of the Fulda Pass.

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Jan 1980 - Feb 1980

Apr 1978

Basic Leadership Course

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Feb 1980 - Mar 1980

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Academic Degrees

Ended in 1993

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