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I was in way too long. This Dual Status Mil-Tech system is flawed, trying to balance two careers at once. Being a Civilian needing 30+ years of employment to receive a retirement, having to be in the Reserves in a military position at the same time; already having 9 years military; 3 active, 6 NG; starting at "0" civilian. Became a bittered career. Glad it's over, program needs fixed, alternative. 1974-1977 Boatbuilder, San Juan Boats Clark Boat Company.. 1977-1979. Almar Marine. Building aluminum boats, outfitting and engine installation. 1979-2007 Dual Status Marine Machinery Mechanic, Washington Military Dept. Then USAR. All this time I was in the National Guard, or Army Reserves in various positions.

Military Experiences

Jan 2002 - Dec 2004
US Army Reserve
Production Control NCOIC 88Z
In 1995 the NG gave up the unit to the Army Reserves. Production control meant a promotion to E-8. Now the company has two, an MSG and a 1SGT. Basically the 1SGT takes care of the troops and insures I have people to do the job at hand. I insure I have jobs for the people to do. Sometimes at final or afternoon formations, I did the formation for accountability, or dismissal. Being a person coming up the ranks as a worker, this was a little awkward for me. But it got managed anyway. The unit was getting reorganized shortly afterwards to a containerized maintenance company. We were partly activated for Iraq, but I was found unfit and was retired out. Old knees, PT profile, and recent VA medical compensation award from Vietnam finally showed up. I already had two sons in Iraq.
Jul 1992 - Oct 2000
Marine Inspector
I was having fun on the tug, but with Desert Storm, and units starting to be activated and those not, I thought I'd better get some rank before I am removed for up or out, so I went for the 88L40 Marine Inspector position in the Direct Support Maintenance Company. The company had 143 personel, 23 MOS's, you name it.. I was to insure jobs wer being done to standards and in a safe way. parts ordered and procedures followed. I had 5 different MOS's under me as inspectors.
Jun 1978 - Jun 1992
Senior engineer
Promoted to E-6. There to get hands on to be pinned Warrant Officer. In Sept 1979, I was officially pinned Wobbly One. Later that day I received notification I was accepted in a dual status position at the Watercraft Maintenance Center, Tacoma, WA. I had to be in the NG to have and keep the job. Hired as a Wage Grade 8. Now the challenge. There was a rank inversion policy in place. I could not out rank my supervisor on the "civilian side", of his position in the "military side". So policy they made was you had to be a WG12 or higher to be a mil NG officer. Stupid, but regs are regs. So in order to accept the dual status job, I had to give up my Warrant officer. So I did, though I had a not too bad job working for Almar marine building aluminum boats, this job would have more of a future.
May 1989 - Jul 1989
Marine Engineer
Our entire 100ft tug crew was "invited" to the month+ long training exercise in England consisting of taking the forward deployed vessels off the pre-deployed ship anchored in Diego Garcia. Ship was coming to England, dropping off the equipment so itself could go in for service. We all got on the vessels as they sank the ship to float off the equipment, which is how it's done. What a sorry condition all of these things were. And we're supposed to go to war with this junk? Deep rust, engines not running or hardly at all. Parts missing. One of the deck crew stepped on the step to the wheelhouse and it broke off and hit the lower deck, and bounced into the water. We were only two of 6 vessels that got running. Pretty sad. Up side is we all got a day off to go to London, which was a treat.


(9 months)
Aug 1971 - Apr 1972
QuiNhon TTU
Qui Nhon, VN. Port Security, 61C20, small fast boat operator and maintenance with M-60 mounted, M-16 grenade launcher, concussion grenades for water, deterrent of divers. Alternate Landing Craft Engineer for hill 331 resupply.

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