SSG Paul Headlee

SSG Paul Headlee

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In summary, all his effort, experience, training and education could not make up for his lack of judgement... His is but a minor footnote, if that, in the annals of military service. Some will say that he was too proud and too smart for his own good; others that he was not bright enough to exploit his successes. In the end he shall be gathered to his ancestors and forgotten.

Military Experiences

Sep 1982 - Sep 1984
Squad Leader
SFC Tommy Green and SSG Noe Gonzalez were my mentors. Thanks to them I was able to pull my head out and successfully transition to the role of NCO. These guys were the real deal. They're both gone now but I remain thankful. Saw some unbelievably poor leadership in this company as well as some that was so good that it remained unmatched through my retirement in 1999.
Jul 1981 - Sep 1982
Drove a 2 1/2 ton 6X6, Jeeps, vans, etc for the staff; set up our section of the brigade TOC; amassed a killer stereo system and bought my first car (going in halfsies with my room mate)
Jan 1980 - Jul 1981
TAMMS/PLL; Arms Room; 1st and 2nd Platoons as a Rifleman