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MSG Clyde Mills

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  • PVT Sep 79
  • PV2 Aug 80
  • PFC Mar 81
  • SPC Sep 82
  • SGT Jun 83
  • SSG Jun 85
  • SFC Jul 91
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Military Experiences

Jan 1983 - Apr 1984
Inf. Sqd. B-Team Leader
In charge of 4 man Infantry Squad B-Team Leader as an E-4, Training my men on Infantry Tactics, Performing D & C, Sgt of the Guard during Guard Duty Week, once I was promoted to Sgt. Helping my men maintain our Squad APC and any and all gear assigned to the APC. Performed Counseling sessions with my men. Teaching my men on MOSQT during Garrison Training when not out in the Field Training. 2 Weeks after being promoted to Sgt. / E-5, I was asked by my 1SG. to participate in the Sgt. Morales Club Competition. I participated in 3 of the 5 Phase Competitions and won the first 3 levels I participated in. Going up against NCO's from E-5 as high as E-8. But due to a Family Emergency I had to with draw from the Competition and applied for a Hardship Discharge effective on 4 April 1984.
Sep 1983 - Feb 1984
BDE Commander's Driver
Was assigned as the BDE Commander's personal Driver, while stationed at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, In. while waiting on approval for a Compassionate Reassignment back to the States for emergency Family matters dealing with a Suicidal Father. Drove the Bde Commander around Post and anywhere she had to be for meetings and to the Airport when it was needed. Was in Charge of the upkeep and personal Appearance of the Vehicle assigned to the BDE. Commander. Once my Compassionate Reassignment was disapproved I was given orders to report back to my Old Unit in Germany. The 1/6Th. Inf., 1st Armored Division.
Sep 1979 - Oct 1981
Infantry Fire Team Member / RTO
Performed Infantry Fire Team tactics and when I completed Basic Training at Ft. Dix, New Jersey in 1980, I was then assigned back to my National Guard Unit as the Platoon RTO. Then from June 1981 to July 1981 I completed Infantry Training at Ft. Benning, Ga. Being promoted from E-1 to E-3 while serving in the National Guards. In Oct. 1981, I Applied for and Enlisted into the Regular Army full time and was then Assigned to Ft. Benning, Ga. for Reassignment.