SGT Philip Adam

SGT Philip Adam

Dates of Service: Jan 1965 - Sep 1972
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Dec 1971 - May 1972
Xuan Loc MACV Team 87 43RCAT
Heavy weapons NCO with MACV Team 87, 43m Reg Combat Team, 18th ARVN Division
Jul 1971 - Nov 1971
A 3/21196th Light Infantry 23rd Americal
Infantry Squad Leader. I had orders to MACV but when I got in Country they said they needed me in the 23rd Americal. We were in Field near Da Nang. I finally petitioned the Sec of Army for redress of wrongs. Commanding General order my transfer to MACV,
Dec 1969 - May 1970
RVN with 10st C, 1327
Infantry squad leader/Vietnamese Linguist with Kit Carson Scouts. Wound east of Hue near Laos. medevac'd due to wounds May 20, 1970 Eagle,Camh Rahn Bay, Japan, Valley forge Army Hospital. 5 OPs transferred to Brook Army Hospital for therapy and recovery.
Jul 1969 - Oct 1969
Kurchgoens Germany
Germany with HHC 36th Infantry on Fulda Gap and RTT/Crypto School in Frankfurt. volunteered for return to RVN MACV

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Sep 1969 - Dec 1969

Radio Teletype/Crypto

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Academic Degrees

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Associate Degree, Education and Law Enforcement