SSG Bill McCoy

SSG Bill McCoy

Dates of Service: 1966 - 1978
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  • SR Jun 66
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I served in the US Navy (Hospital Corpsman) with a year in Vietnam (USMC), and in the US Army (Military Police). Ultimately, I ETS'd due to a daughter with medical issues which deferred me from one overseas assignment (Korea) and then was levied for Germany in early 1979. I was on the E-7 list for early 1979; but had to sign a "Statement of Intent to Not Reenlist." After 91 days, i'd be an E5.

Military Experiences

Jun 1974 - Dec 1978
Patrol Supervisor & Squad Leader '74 thru '76 Desk Sergeant & Squad Leader '76 thru '77 NCOIC, Patrol & Desk Operations '77 thru Dec '78 NCOIC, SWAT The 437th was a Combat Support MP Company, permanently detached from the 519th MP Bn (Fort Meade, MD) because of Ft. Belvoir's crime rate. The Garrison MP Company was understrength, and remained so as the 437th received almost all MP's and NCO's assigned to Belvoir because the TOE requirements as a Combat Support Unit - later changed to Combat Service & Support.
Feb 1974 - Jun 1974
Patrol Supervisor, SGT
Accompanied Tour was to last three years; however, the Army had sent 140 excess NCO's to Okinawa. MilPerCen (MP Branch) called me and asked where I wanted to go back to the USA because of too many NCO's. I suggested they get a "short-timer," but the SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) required that the EXCESS personnel be transferred. So I said, "Send me back to Walter Reed." The closest they could get me was to Ft. Belvoir, VA. So, myself, my family, household goods and car were shopped back to the US. SNAFU!!
Apr 1972 - Jan 1974
SP4 and SGT
Six months, "OJT" (On the Job Training) as a SP4. Awarded 95B (MP) as Secondary MOS. Request to have 95B designated as Primary MOS approved; 91B (Medic) became my Secondary MOS. Duties as Sr. Patrolman, Patrol Supervisor and D/Sgt at Walter Reed's Annex at Forest Glen, MD.
Dec 1971 - Apr 1972
SP4 Medic
Ambulance Section - Driver: Emergency Medical Care Submitted paperwork to change MOS from Medic to Military Police. RE (reenlistment) for Medic was an RE4 ($10,000 bonus) MOS & MP was a RE1 ($2,000 bonus) MOS. I was told it was virtually impossible that the request would be approved. Fortunately, the chain of command at Radar Health Clinic provided numerous positive recommendations (MD's, Nurses and a MOST CAPABLE 1st Sergeant).


(1 year, 1 month)
Mar 1969 - Mar 1970
Vietnam ribbon
Vietnam War
Hospital Corpsman (i.e., "Combat Medic" in Army terms).

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Jun 1975 - Jul 1975

NCO Academy, Fort Dix, NJ

Jan 1968 - Mar 1968

FMSS Field Medicat Service School, Camp LeJeune NC

Oct 1967 - Jan 1968

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Jan 1978

FBI Academy (SWAT)


Jan 1978

Special Tactics & Firearms Training (FBI)

Jul 1976

Police Officer, Stress & Authority (D.C. Metro PD)

May 1976

DWI Training (VA State Police)

Jul 1974

BNDD (Bureau of Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs

Security Clearance

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2005 - 2007

Computer Forensics

Associate Degree