CPL Veronica Orozco

CPL Veronica Orozco

Dates of Service: Nov 2001 - Nov 2010
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I work with communications equipment. My professional career has been a direct translation of the skills I gained while in the military. I have worked with many forms of communications equipment for high profile government contractors. I am constantly expanding my knowledge and expertise in technology and am always eager to learn more. I am constantly learning. I am interested in technology so I stay up to date with modern skills. I most recently became interested in the Android operating system and have learned to code for it and also modify it. Besides that, I have taken development classes through Coursera and CodeAcademy.

Military Experiences

2002 - 2005
501st MI
Radio Repairer
In charge of maintenance of signal equipment as well as installation in vehicles. I was a network administrator.


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Military Credentials

Individual & Special Skill Schools
Security Clearance

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

Civilian Experiences

2008 - 2010
Civil Engineering Technician
I was a contractor for the FAA. I was part of TSSC - a modernization project for airports in the Midwest region. I installed fiber optic transmission systems and radar systems into air traffic control towers and remote locations. I was responsible for cabling and electronic installations, patch panels, building equipment racks and installing them, and support. OSHA 40 Hour Certified 80 FT Pole Climbing Certified
2005 - 2006
Radar Technician
Operated, maintained, and repaired radar equipment at US Navy Top Gun School. Responsible for installing and destroying COMSEC for these systems. Most of these radar systems were Russian and required learning a bit of Russian to operate them. Constantly on call and performed many night missions.

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