TSgt Marco McDowell

TSgt Marco McDowell

Dates of Service: Oct 1992 - Sep 2013
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  • PFC Jun 93
  • A1C
  • LCpl Nov 93
  • Cpl Jul 96
  • Sgt
  • Sgt Jun 97
  • SSgt Apr 01
  • TSgt Aug 07

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Clean split between the Marine Corps and Air Force. Retired and currently being a professional burden on the taxpayer. All praise the GI Bill and retirement benefits! Part-time at AAFES. Currently full-time student.

Military Experiences

1st CEB
Field Radio Operator
Humped a radio,PRC-77,SINCGARS intro, PLGRS all that crazy new fangled high tech stuff then. Humped more radios. Lotta humping....
1st CEB
Field Wireman
Ran out of boat spaces for RTOs so I lat moved into wire. Went back to school at the stumps,magically made Sgt there, returned and became the golden calf. School trained radio and wire? Stand by for fun!
1st CEB
Squad Leader
All time favorite duty. Great spot to learn and teach!

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B-1 Wing Sweep

Security Clearance

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Academic Degrees

Airframe and Powerplant