SSgt Sean Perry

SSgt Sean Perry

Dates of Service: Dec 1989 - Dec 2009
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I am a professional trainer with experience in a wide range of areas. Also successfully worked as a professional writer for the Marine Corps. Known for my tenacious behavior in solving problems and acquiring skills needed to successful in any endeavor, I look forward to meeting new challenges and being part of a team that excels at its mission. A professional trainer with experience teaching active duty military of all services in the basics of everything from computer generated simulation to pistol and rifle marksmanship. Currently training foreign nationals on highly complex weapons systems with great success.

Military Experiences

Nov 2007 - Sep 2009
Chief Instructor/ Assistant Operations Chief
Chief Instructor for Border Patrol, Port of Entry and Police Transition teams, assistant Operations Chief


(4 years, 4 months)
Mar 2007 - Oct 2007
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Platoon Commander for a Light Armored Vehicle Platoon in combat operations.
Feb 2003 - Mar 2003
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) - Afghanistan
Operation Bright Star, Eqypt
Mar 2003 - Oct 2003
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Security Chief for the Bravo Comnad Element for the invasion and SNCOIC for battalion perimeter post invasion and primary liasion between Iraqis and US for reconstruction of An Najaf University
Feb 2002 - Aug 2002

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Sep 2008

Counter Explosive Hazard Center SEARCH/TSE

May 2008

Engineer Center Of Excellence Counter IED Course

Jul 2006

Customs and Border Patrol Vehicle Compartment and Fradulent Documents

May 2006

Light Armored Vehicle Leaders Course

Individual & Special Skill Schools
Security Clearance

Civilian Experiences

Apr 2016 - Present
LAV 25, Principle Trainer
Instruct the Saudi Arabian National Guard on LAV 25. We concentrate on basic vehicle maintenance, gunnery use of technical systems on the vehicle and basic tactics from individual vehicle through company. We are also on call to instruct other members of the National Guard on land navigation systems and communication.
Aug 2014 - Mar 2016
Marksmanship Instructor
I instruct naval personnel of all ranks in the basics of pistol marksmanship and in combat shooting utilizing movement and cover. I also teach Rules of Engagement, Basic Pistol classes and CBRNE classes.
Oct 2013 - Aug 2014
Combined Arms Training Analyst
I coordinated the Training Support Center throughout the Marine Corps to achieve uniform training standards and created several point papers for increasing training support throughout the Pacific AOR, specifically upgrading Okinawa and Camp Fuji. the installation of teams in Guam and Australia and the creation of a mobile team to support the Marine Corps.
Jul 2010 - Oct 2013
Digital Virtual Training Enviroment Analyst
I ran computer simulations for all exercises and trained Marines to operate these systems. I also coordinated with the creators of the program DI-Guy to better support the Marines Corps training.

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