CMSgt James Nolan

CMSgt James Nolan

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  • Sgt 1991
  • PO2 1999
  • TSgt 2005
  • MSgt 2008
  • 1stSgt 2009
  • 1stSgt 2013
  • SMSgt 14
  • CMSgt 15

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Started as a young Marine MP on AD. Served 6 years, then to Reserves. Was out for about 6 years and joined USNR as a Master at Arms. Transferred to the AF Reserves, and then to the Air Guard, have gone back to the Air Force Reserves, where I retired in January, 2019. Civilian side: Worked as a city cop outside of Chicago, and am now a Senior Inspector with Marshals Service in Oakland.

Military Experiences

Jan 2017
Security Forces Manager
Security Forces Manager.
Started in Jan 2017
349th SFS
Security Forces Manager
Traveled from PFC to Sgt with USMC PO2 with USNR SSgt-CMSgt with the Air Force, where I now serve as the Chief with the 349th Security Forces at Travis AFB.
Growing a Beard, because for the first time, I can LOL

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