SFC Patrick M.

SFC Patrick M.

Dates of Service: Oct 1984 - Mar 2006
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  • PVT
  • PV2 Oct 84
  • PFC 1985
  • SPC 1986
  • SGT Apr 89
  • SSG Jan 00
  • SFC Apr 03


Paramedic with many ambulance companies over the years. EMS Instructor

Military Experiences

Apr 2003 - Mar 2006
56th BCT HHC
Senior Medical NCO
Senior Medical NCO in Bde Surgeon Office, Stood up Stryker Bde, Deployed to Katrina Relief in New Orleans
Dec 2001 - Apr 2003
Platoon Sergeant
Plt Sgt for Medical Plt. Deployed to Bosnia.
Jan 2000 - Dec 2001
Senior Medical NCO
Senior Medical NCO in BN, improved section from worst in State to best in State for its size in first 6 months.
Mar 1993 - Dec 1999
Worked as everything from platoon medic, company senior medic, ambulance driver/attendance, medical training NCO. acting Plt Sgt and acting Plt Leader. Went to Ft Stewart to be OPFOR twice, once as senior medic for a reinforced company Mech task force. The second time as senior medical NCO for 2nd rotation of half the reinforced Bn task force.


(8 months)
Aug 2002 - Mar 2003
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Medical Platoon Sgt, provided medical care and support

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