TSgt Pamela Hoelscher

TSgt Pamela Hoelscher

Dates of Service: Aug 1971 - Feb 1989
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Military Experiences

Jan 1976 - Dec 1978
Still/ Alert Photographer
Control of chemicals for developing still and aerial recon photo missions. Photographing accidents, housing fires, theft of property, for base and unit intel and investigation. Photographing unit and base events, award ceremonies, and training as well as community and other interactions for base and squadron history and those who are given the deserved accolades. documentation. Documentation team for Jonestown disaster.
Jan 1972 - Oct 1975
Motion Picture Lab Tech
Printing, developing, Chemical control, film quality control, putting films on reels, and review of final product. Numbering sound and visual film to assure sync of sound and picture. Mixing, testing, correcting and control of chemicals used to process films.


Started in Sep 1985
NCIOC of Computer Systems Security Security for information transport to and from Deployment location to Assigned Unit

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Sep 1979 - Jan 1980

Computer Programming Tech

Sep 1971 - Dec 1971

Motion Picture Lab Tech

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