SGT Donald Croswhite

SGT Donald Croswhite

Dates of Service: Jun 2007 - Sep 2016
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  • PVT Jun 07
  • PV2 Dec 07
  • PFC Jun 08
  • SPC Jun 09
  • CPL Jun 11
  • SGT Jan 14

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I was honored to serve for over nine years as an infantryman. Four years at Fort Bliss (5 & 2-1AD, ) and five plus at JBLM (2-2SBCT.) I'll never forget my time sweating, freezing, rucking, and embracing-the-suck with some of the best and gnarliest bastards the country had to offer. CIB: 05 October 2012 (Cop Kolk, Kandahar) Honorably Discharged: 28 September 2016. Follow me: @17TH_Infantry

Military Experiences

Oct 2011 - Present
1SG's Gunner | Training Room NCO
OEF 12-13: RC South, Kandahar, FOB Spin Boldak, FOB Pasab, COP Kolk - CIB Code name: Hatchet Straight Black I renlisted for the second time for stablization. RIP 1SG Amsberry
Nov 2010 - Oct 2011
B Co
Rifleman | C.R.O.W.S. Operator
5-1BCT was rolled up into 2-1BCT. After handing over the arms room to Brigade I was transferred to 1-35AR. We participated in the third Army Evaluation Task Force LUT (Limited User Test) at White Sands Missile range. I reenlisted for Joint Base Lewis-McChord.
Oct 2007 - Nov 2010
1st AD
SAW Gunner | Unit Armorer
Alpha (Aries)/Bravo (Bushmasters) CO, 2ND CAB, 5th BCT, 1ST AD 3rd platoon, 3rd squad, SAW gunner Army Evaluation Task Force Tested: M-ATV, Land Warrior, iROBOT, UAV, U-UGS, T-UGS, E-UGS 3 LUTs (Limited User Test.) RIP SSG Humphries & SGT Thoburn.
Jun 2007 - Sep 2007
A Co
Trainee | Outlaw!
BASD 04JUN2007 1st platoon, roster 113


(8 months)
Apr 2012 - Nov 2012
Afghanistan ribbon
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) - Afghanistan
I deployed with 1-17 IN, 2nd SBCT, 2nd ID My responisbilities were: COIST, Battle NCO, Gunner, M-ATV Driver, Minehound Operator

Military Credentials

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Mar 2011

XM 153 Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station

Additional Specialization(s)
Security Clearance

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2005 - 2007

Brook's School of Art, Long Beach CA.