Amn Roger Omberg

Amn Roger Omberg

Dates of Service: Apr 1960 - Jan 1964
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Sep 1963 - Jan 1964
Birkenfeld Germany
WE had responsibilities of passing flight origination, checkpoints and destination of all flights going in & out of the IRON CURTAIN countries, our duty SGT would assign certain airmen to tag certain flight traffic in coordination with the GERMAN air traffic control system, to the USAF radar system which was located near the IRON CURTAIN. At one point in my duty there WE had a flight which was friendly, & wasn't at the exact point that was assigned, we scrambled on him, & delivered HIM to LONDON, all were safe, the red phone was ringing! I thot for a moment that this was the BIG ONE. Shortly after that we found out that USSR had placed missles in CUBA, dont take Freedom for granted.

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Aug 1960

2750B Radar/weather operator

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Security Clearance