SGT Richard Hanson  SSP/CGS

SGT Richard Hanson SSP/CGS

Dates of Service: Aug 1965 - Aug 1968
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  • PVT Aug 65
  • PV2 Oct 65
  • PFC Feb 66
  • SPC Oct 66
  • SGT May 67

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Retired from over 30 years in the Transportation field Starting with Burlington Northern Railroad, ended up as Operations Mgr of their truck line. Worked for various tank truck carriers throughout the SW. Retired June 2000 as Region Safety Mgr of Trimac Transport. Currently amuse myself with Blacksmithing and knifemaking. Mentor the Blacksmith Club at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Military Experiences

Aug 1967 - Aug 1968
Assistant NCO Brigade S-1 Section
Compile monthly Man Hour Report, compile daily Brigade Activity Report to be presented to the Brigade Commander NLT 0900 Monday Thru Friday. Distribute various correspondence to our 5 Battalions, track and collect replies and forward them to Higher HQ. Process graduated of Engineer OCS out of the Brigade or within the Brigade while awaiting further assignment. This was broken by a 2 month assignment as admin NCO at 3rd Battalion and 3 months TDY to Fort Meyer VA for Behavioral Science Research.
Jan 1966 - Jun 1966
Clerk Typist
Worked in the AG Section as a Clerk Typist and then as a Clerk in the Redeployment Section.


(1 year, 1 month)
Jul 1966 - Jul 1967
Vietnam ribbon
Vietnam War
4th Trans Comd Saigon Port RVN Office Mgr PTO Section only enlisted man with 1 LTC 1 MAJ and 2 CPT for the first 6 months of my tour, when more personnel arrived, I was asst ofc mgr. I did everything from drive officers on out of town excursions to type and complete reports.

Military Credentials

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Dec 1965 - Jan 1966

Basic Army Administration Course

Security Clearance
None / Expired