SMSgt Anil Heendeniya

SMSgt Anil Heendeniya

Dates of Service: Nov 1976 - Dec 1996
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  • Amn Mar 77
  • A1C Sep 77
  • SrA Apr 78
  • Sgt Apr 80
  • SSgt Apr 80
  • TSgt Jun 83
  • MSgt Mar 86
  • SMSgt Jul 93


US/UK/SL citizen. DOB 10/7/58 Colombo, Sri Lanka. London, UK ('61-'73, '74-'75): Selhurst H.S. for Boys: 11 GCSE 'O' levels, '75 USA ('73-'74, '75-'76) Seton Hall Prep, NJ USAF '76-'96: Aeromedical/PME, 10 tours (6 US states, Spain & Japan). U.Md grad (Mgmt.) NEACP aircrew supporting POTUS, '91/'92 Wrote the '93 & '95 USAF Aerospace Medicine Specialty Knowledge Promotion Tests for SSgt thru MSgt.

Military Experiences

Feb 1995 - Dec 1996
Command Superintendent, Aerospace Medicine, Office of the Command Surgeon, Headquarters Air Combat Command. HQ ACC/IG, Nuclear Surety SAV, and DoD/Nuclear Surety Inspector
Provided ACC command guidance and support to Aerospace Medicine Flight Surgeons, Squadron Superintendents, and enlisted personnel in Air Combat Command, running interference for them when necessary to get the attention and assistance of the Air Combat Command Surgeon in correcting or supporting process improvements, mission enhancements for them, etc., as well as kicking over any hurdles they faced in tackling complex challenges. Assisted base-level aerospace medicine professionals and superintendents with command guidance, and ran interference for them in overcoming administrative roadblocks they faced. Regular lecturer at the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine. Participated in 5 ACC/IG BiAnnual Base Inspections around the command. Board member for ACC Enlisted Recognition Programs.
Jun 1992 - Feb 1995
Squadron Superintendent, 1st AMDS / Aeromedical Technician, 72nd Helicopter Squadron / 1st Fighter Wing Quality Management Trainer (ACC) / HQ Air Combat Command IG and Nuclear Surety Inspection Team Member
Oversaw the activities of enlisted personnel within the Aerospace Medicine Squadron and its departments (Flight Medicine, Physical Examinations and Standards, Environmental Medicine, Bioenvironmental Engineering, Aerospace Physiology and Training, and Health Education) in delivering high-quality healthcare to the patient population. Flew as the aeromedical technician with the 72nd Helicopter Squadron. Flew medical support and medevac roles during Operation Desert Shield. Base Exercise Evaluation Team Member. As an adjunct to the 1st FW/CC, presented supervision and management enrichment courses to middle and senior enlisted personnel.
May 1991 - Jun 1992
Superintendent, Aerospace Medicine and Aeromedical Aircrewmember, 1st Air Command and Control Squadron, National Emergency Airborne Command Post (SAC) Presidential Support
Oversaw the activities of, and provided guidance and support to, all enlisted personnel in Physical Examinations and Standards, Flight Medicine, Bioenvironmental Engineering, Environmental Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine to ensure efficient operations and quality mission outcomes. Performed Staff Asssistance Visits in Strategic Air Command at several bases, and flew as the aeromedical element along with the flight surgeon in support of the president and Air Force One as crewmembers of The National Emergency Airborne Command Post (NEACP), which is now NAOP (National Airborne Operations Post). Assisted the ACC/SG with enlisted issues. Wrote the Specialty Knowledge Tests for FY 1993 promotions to E-5 through E-7 in the Aerospace Medicine Career Field (the second time in my career).
Jul 1988 - Mar 1991
Pacific Air Forces NCO Academy Director of Education, Curriculum Developer/Manager, and 'A' Flight Lead Instructor
Led a stellar instructor staff of 12 experienced (mostly senior) master and technical sergeants at the Pacific Air Forces Noncommissioned Officer Academy in developing, writing, teaching/instructing, and measuring (testing) a wide range of academics in advanced concepts of leadership and management at the knowledge, comprehension and application levels for mid-tier and senior (E6 and E7) noncommissioned officers in the Pacific Theater of operations. Also oversaw Pacific Air Forces' NCO Academy curricula for adjunct facilities at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam and Wheeler Air Force Base, Honolulu, Hawaii.